• Do I need to call and confirm my tour?

    If you have already booked and paid online through our website and have received a confirmation email, this will be enough to allow you to take part to the tour, there is no need to call us via phone and re-confirm. You should just ensure you are at the stated meeting point on time. Meeting points and times are specified on the vouchers, please carefully read it and if you have any doubt feel free to write us an email for more detailed directions or clarifications if needed.

    Is it necessary to bring my confirmation voucher with me?

    Yes, it is necessary for you to bring your confirmation voucher / confirmation email, the local representative may ask you this confirmation for further reference (you can also show it electronically on a mobile device).

    Is it necessary to include a local contact number once at destination?

    It is strongly recommended you always include in the booking form your mobile number at destination or a phone number where we can get in touch with you in case of emergency before the activity starts. This is particularly recommended for shore trips. Although this is not a common event, we may need to get in touch with you to inform about slight changes regarding the meeting point or the activity itself due to reasons beyond our direct control. If we cannot get in touch properly we may not be of support of you as much as we need to be during such special operations.

    Is an advanced booking necessary or can I just show up at the stated meeting point?

    We strongly advise against arriving at the meeting point without a booking as we cannot guarantee that there will be space left on the tour you’re interested it. Our local representatives are unable to accept payment for tours so any bookings made on the spot will still need to be processed over the phone with payment by credit card; this may cause unavoidable delays to other guests attending the tour and our aim is offering always a great tour quality to all our customers.

    How far in advance it is recommended to book a tour?

    We suggest that you book your tour at least a couple of weeks in advance to ensure that you get a space on your preferred tour and date and time if applicable. Our best seller tours regularly sell out over a month in advance, and we cannot offer waiting list for extra customers most of times. If you’re interested in a shore trip we strongly recommend to book at least 1 month prior the tour, shore excursions are very popular and cost effective if compared to cruise line’s offering, that’s why this special tour often sell out so quickly.

    Do you have reduced rates for kids?

    We do offer reduced rates for children on most of our tours, including family friendly tours, although the amount varies from tour to tour and is strictly related to each tour contents, admissions to attractions and other elements. Reductions apply just to shared tours, private tours prices do not offer discounts for kids unless otherwise stated in the tour description.

    What is the minimum number of participants for a tour / shore trip?

    The minimum number of participants, if applied, is stated in the tour description. Please carefully read the tour contents and if you have any further inquiry feel free to get in touch. You will be noticed if a tours does not commence due to missing minimum of participants generally 1 week before the tour date. In such cases you will be offered with an alternative and if not accepted from you side you will be fully refunded.

    Is there a dress code for entering the churches and worship places featured in the tours?

    St Peter’s Basilica and all the churches listed in the itinerary of the tours have a strict code of dress: shorts, bare shoulders and mini-skirts are not permitted. This applies to both men and women. Refuse to comply this rules may cause impossibility to access the site, and in this case we could not offer any compensation. Some destinations are notoriously very hot in the summer and we understand that it is not comfortable to take part in a tour overdressed. We therefore recommend to always carry a wrap, or a very large scarf and lightweight long pants in the backpack, this will be useful to respect the dress code required to access any worship place featured in the tours we offer.

    There are any objects that I cannot take with me on a tour?

    Scissors, knives, or other sharp objects may not be brought into the churches, museums and other attractions like Colosseum for security reasons. There are some sites (churches and museums) where all visitors must pass through metal detectors at the security check point; expect to wait 20-30 minutes to clear security where needed and consider that in case of problems for the presence of objects not allowed, the entire tour performance might considerably slow down, in such events we cannot provide any compensation for the inconvenience. It also recommended to carry only small bottles of water and do not carry too many electronic devices on tour.

    I have made a reservation but have not yet received a confirmation voucher/I have sent an inquiry to info@roemtourexcursion.it but have not received a response. How do I contact your office?

    We do really appreciate the time you have taken to email us. Please check your junk email in case an email reply has been sent to you. If not, please call our Customer Care team at the numbers stated in the contact section

    Do you cater to wheelchair users and mobility challenged guests?

    Yes, we do cater to wheelchair users on our private tours with specific vehicles with lift and tailor made itineraries avoiding rough gravel not suitable for wheelchairs. If you are interested in booking a private tour and will be using a wheelchair, please contact our Customer Care team by phone or email. We will be glad to assist with specific purposes.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you need to cancel a tour after your booking has been confirmed, cancellation fees may be applied. Please kindly carefully check our session “booking conditions”
    for further reference. Cancellation charges varies according the product type and the cancellation date.

    When our tour is over will we be able visit St. Peter's Basilica or the grottos or dome? (APPLICABLE FOR VATICAN TOURS ONLY)

    Absolutely in general terms, but with remarks depending which kind of tour you booked:
    If you booked a shore trips you will get a skip the line ticket to access the Vatican Museum and once the tour is over you are free to spend as you wish the rest of the time before returning to the pick-up point to reach the port. Once you’ve visited the Sistine Chapel you can access an internal passage to enter the Basilica and visit it internally and the dome on your own. But since you’ve a limited time for self-guided options, please always pay attention to show up in time at the meeting point for the return journey to the port; delayed guests will not be waited and will be forced to use alternative means to reach the port in case they miss the scheduled transfer.
    For any other tour after visiting the Vatican Museums you are free to renter St. Peter’s Basilica via internal passage from the Museums (without having to wait in line again), continue to the grottos below St. Peter’s, or climb to the dome without any time limit. Before parting ways, ask your guide to point you in the right direction, she will be happy to help.

    At the end of the tour, will I be able to explore the Vatican Museums on my own? (APPLICABLE FOR VATICAN TOURS ONLY)

    Vatican Museums are the widest museum complex in the world and you need tens of visits to appreciate all the treasures they contain, however an extended exploration in the less know sections after the guided tour is over, it is up to you. Our tours exit the Vatican Museums after the Sistine Chapel and end right before entering St. Peter’s Basilica. Please be aware that from the ending point (in front of the Basilica) you cannot re-enter the Museums without waiting in the Museums general access line and purchasing an additional ticket. Nevertheless, you can hand in your headsets to your guide as your tour leaves the Sistine Chapel and re-enter the Museums if you don’t wish to access immediately St. Peter’s Basilica and you can then enjoy extra time in the Museums on your own. Feel free to choose as you wish. If you book a private tour, we will arrange everything prior the tour starts according your specific needs and interests.

    Do you offer your tours in other languages?

    We offer tours in Spanish, German, French and Italian as fully private option. Tours in other languages can be provided on request as private tours only, just contact us and ask a personalized quote.

    What exactly is included in the shared shore excursion at Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Tour? What we exactly visit inside the Museums?

    The price is all-inclusive: limited group of 30 people maximum, Skip the Line entrance, entrance ticket, guide and tour. Our tours are very classic and comprehensive and perfect for shore trippers. They last for three hours once in Rome and cover most famous wings of the Museums including, but not limited to, ancient Greek\Roman sculpture, the Hall of Maps, the Gallery of the Candelabri and the Gallery of Tapestries. For many the two highlights of our tours are the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms. From the Sistine Chapel, groups exit the Museums and end the tour before entering St. Peter’s Basilica in St. Peter’s Square. The rest of the time before boarding back the transfer to the port is on your own.

    Can I take my backpack into the Museums?

    The Vatican Museums allow guests to carry small bags which have to be smaller than 40cm length x 35cm width x 15cm depth. Anything bigger than this, plus any umbrellas or any camera tripods, must be checked into storage before the tour starts. The tour ends on the other side of the Vatican Museums, a significant walk away from the bag collection point. Guests who are forced to check bags must therefore leave the tour early to collect them or complete a plenty 20-minute walk back to the entrance after their tour. Therefore, we recommend that visitors travel light and leave any unnecessary belongings on the ship / at the hotel.

    Is photography permitted during the tour into the Museums?

    Throughout most of the Museums and in St. Peter’s Basilica, you are allowed to take photos. However, photography is strictly prohibited inside the Sistine Chapel.

    What is the difference between a private and shared tour / shore trip?

    With a private tour you have a private guide, just for your party who can care more personally to the interests of your group. You are free to move at your own pace and there is much more flexibility with the itinerary and timing of a private tour. Group tours include no more than 25/30 people per guide and are composed of mixed parties, therefore with mixed ages, interests and needs. Guides leading shared group tours offer a more general guidance to offer information which can be appreciated from the main part of guests.

    I have an emergency the day of the tour, how can I get in touch with you?

    In case of emergencies during your excursions please kindly check your travel vouchers where you have been provided with an emergency mobile number; a duty manager will assist you directly. There’s a specific emergency number for each destination and sometimes also for each activity, if you’ve booked more than a tour please make sure you’re calling the dedicated one. If calling the emergency line please kindly note that only passengers with an emergency will be assisted. For any other purpose call us at the standard contact details. Thanks for your understanding.

    I need to get in touch with you via email for extra information before/after I made my booking, how long does it takes a reply?

    Feel free to write us an email and/or using the contact form at any time. Our Customer Care team provides fast and detailed responses to your questions. Our goal is to respond to each query we receive within 24 to 48 working hours. Occasionally and in the event of particularly busy days it may take up to 72 hours to reply. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

    I attended a tour with your and I am not satisfied with the experience I had with Rome Tour & Excursion, is there a dedicated customer service?

    Our aim within Customer Support is to maintain a relationship with you, before and after, you have experienced our excursions, and to ensure that you wish to choose our tours again. If you have cause for complaint whilst on your trip, this must be brought to the attention of the relevant local service provider / guide / tour escort / tour director immediately so that action can be taken to remedy the problem. Failure to report your complaint in this way may uncover any claim you subsequently make. Complaints must also be notified to us at your earliest opportunity and no later than 15 days after the service date; failure in respecting this deadline may be considered ad minor seriousness of problems reported in your claim.
    Please send us a detailed email about your experience at info@rometourexcursion.it but please kindly note that refund requests may take longer to allow us time to investigate, and will be responded to within 7/10 business days.
    Of course, sometimes you really want to get in contact with a real person, but in case of complaints we need proper time to investigate carefully with end providers and team on the spot during the tour was held about what happened and provide you with a comprehensive reply, therefore it’s recommended you write an email since on duty operators at the phone might not be able to provide you an immediate and satisfactory reply.
    Special remark before you send a claim
    Kindly remind that the health and safety standards that apply to the services you have booked should meet the local standards applicable to the booked destinations and the local rules and regulations, and we monitor wherever possible that local standards have been met accordingly by asking if applicable to show which official standard are required in the country where the service is performed; however please note that such standards may be lower and vary widely and may not match those prevalent in your native country, especially if your origin countries meet very high standards like UK, USA or Canada.
    Furthermore, note that if you feel unsafe regarding speed limits which may be not respected by local drivers, kindly note that differences used in some European countries regarding the units of measurement of speed (kilometres per hour instead of miles per hour) could cause unintentional error in the evaluation of the velocity that is used on the road you are currently traveling which might have local speed limits different from the ones on a street in your country of residence. If you have a concern with any safety standards, please let us know by calling us via phone before you send us a formal claim.